1. Are you  the direct organizers?

Yes, we are. The “Wedding in Cuba” is the project developed as its own by “Islands Group”.

We have been carrying out our wedding ceremonies in Cuba since 2008, with our team of coordinators, photographers, stylists, drivers, florists and decorators. All services of our specialists are licensed.


2. Where one can find your wedding portfolio and customer reports about your company? 

All photos in “Portfolio” section have been made at our wedding ceremonies.

More photos and reports from our customers are on our Facebook page 

We thank everyone for sending the photos!


3. What time period is necessary for booking a wedding ceremony in Cuba?

Symbolic ceremony can be booked minimum two weeks (official - one month) in advance. If you want to set a specified exact data  for your wedding ceremony, please contact us beforehand.


4. How do I receive an official marriage certificate ( in case of civil ceremony)?

The marriage certificate will be delivered to Canada and USA in 1 month period. 

It will be sent by DHL at the address specified by you in the questionnaire.


5. What documents will we need if we are not the citizens of Canada?

We carry out many wedding ceremonies in which the groom and the bride are citizens of different countries from all around  the world.

The list of actual documents for every specific case can be checked with our coordinators.

You only have to contract us about it.


6. How do I pay for wedding ceremony?

The payment for wedding ceremony will be made at the meeting with wedding coordinator at your hotel in Havana.


7. Where do you hold your wedding ceremonies?

Our wedding ceremonies are held on a secluded “Playa Santa Maria” beach 20 km away from Havana. Transfer to the beach takes 20-25 minutes. Also available for booking tropical forest, and several terraces in hotels and restaurants in Havana.


8. Can we bring our own photographer to the wedding?

Photographer’s services are already included in our wedding packages. 

You can bring your photographer with you, but it will not change  the price of the package. 


9. What additional services can we order for our wedding?

You can find the detailed list of additional (optional) services (bride’s hairstyle, a romantic dinner, etc.) here


10. In what language is performed the ceremony?

The ceremony shall be performed in Spanish and/or in English (at your wish).

 All our coordinators at Cuba are Spanish-, English- and Russian-speaking.


11. Is it possible to change the wedding ceremony date if it rains?

If your ceremony is an official one, then its date and time cannot be changed (due to the judge’s working schedule)

If your ceremony is a symbolic one, then your coordinator will be able to report the ceremony, if there is free time for it at some other date.


12. On what days your wedding ceremonies are held?

We carry out official ceremonies from Monday to Friday (except on holidays). 

Symbolic ceremonies and photo shoots are held every day.


13. Do you hold wedding ceremonies only in Havana? What do I do if I am staying at the hotel on Varadero?

We hold ceremonies in Havana and Varadero.

For couples staying at Varadero we have developed the following mini packages: «Havana» (1 night) and «Havana+» ( 2 nights).

If you have already bought a tour on Varadero, but you wish to have a wedding at the beach with photo shoot session in Old Havana,

this offer is for you. The “Havana” package includes:

- Individual two-way transfer from Varadero hotel

- Accommodation in Havana ( 1 or 2 nights), breakfast included, optionally at:

   - Colonial style mini-hotel "4 Mosqueteros» Package price:  240 EUR 

   - mini-hotel "La Antonia» Package price:  310 EUR 


14.What currency should I pay for my wedding ceremony?

You can pay in EUR, Canadian dollars or CUC (Cuban currency)

We do not accept payment in US dollars.

The voucher for the ceremony will be the amount in your currency.


15. What documents are needed for the wedding held at Cuba?

If you are getting married to a Canadian citizen or a person who’s not Cuban:

• If you are single: Valid Passport

• If you are divorced: Valid Passport, Divorce Certificate

• If you are widower: Valid Passport, Marriage Certificate and Death Certificate


For the Marriage in Cuba, passports don’t have to be translated nor legalized.


Your name has to match in every document. If not an Affidavit of Identity is required to prove you are one and the same person.

For any document issued in foreign countries (by no Canadian authorities) you have to obtain a letter from the Consulate or Embassy of the foreign country stating that the document was issued according to the regulations of the government and it can be considered valid.


How to prepare the documents:

Take the originals to a Notary Public or the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Trade and Development of Canada in order to get certified copies of the documents stating that the documents are true and valid copies of the originals issued by competent authorities in the Province.


The documents have to be officially translated into Spanish. This should include a Statutory Declaration of the Translator signed by the Notary Public or an official at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Trade and Development of Canada.


The process of legalizations at the Consulate takes from 10 to 15 days. The fee for legalizations is $ 176.00 CAD per document (each document in English and each document in Spanish as a result of the translation)


If the application is made by a third party, an extra consular fee of $ 40.00 CAD will be charged for non personal service.

If the application is made by mail, an extra consular fee of $ 40.00 CAD will be charged for non personal service. A pre-paid safe envelope (with tracking number) must be sent in order to return the documents. The payment must be done by Money order or certified check.

NOTE: All cash sent by mail will be refused and returned at the own risk of the applicant.


Additional Information:

Official website of the Cuban Consulate in Canada


Please feel free to contact us

We will be pleased to answer all your questions about the wedding at Cuba

Islands Group Team



F.A.Q. Wedding in Cuba